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All About Gender Discrimination

All About Gender Discrimination

What is Gender Discrimination?

Gender Discrimination is defined as a type of discrimination that involves unlawful, illegal, and unethical prejudice with regard to an individual’s or group’s gender. In certain cases, males can experience Gender Discrimination. However, more often than not, Gender Discrimination involves females. This type of Gender Discrimination has been challenged by activists ranging from Elizabeth Cady Stanton to the Suffragettes.

Gender Discrimination and the 19th Amendment
In 1920, women enjoyed a victory over the presence of Gender Discrimination within American society as they received the right to vote in Federal elections. However, the exploitation of women on both a domestic level, as well as an international level, was still a prominent problem. This form of Gender Discrimination and abuse has been the focus of countless amounts of Women’s Rights Groups.
Types of Gender Discrimination
Although the severity of Gender Discrimination varies in accord with the social spectrum, as well as the public sector, Gender Discrimination is considered by many to be a perpetual issue within the United States:
Sexual Harassment: This type of Gender Discrimination is defined as an unwelcomed sexual advance – through speech, implication, text, suggestion, or simulation – targeted to an individual with regard to their respective gender. Sexual harassment can be inappropriate, in jest, or threatening to its victim. Sexual harassment can result in fear, trauma, or physical or psychological injury.
Gender-based Exploitation: An expressed statement –through words or text – illustrating potential, contingent, or implied action with regard to the actions of another individual resulting from their respective gender.