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Sexual Discrimination Overview

Sexual Discrimination Overview

What is Sexual Discrimination?
Sexual Discrimination is an overarching term that qualifies a type of illegal, unlawful, and unethical discrimination that is fostered by a prejudicial belief containing inherent and unproven bias with regard to either an individual’s or group’s gender or sexual orientation.
Gender is defined as the identification of an individual as a male or a female. Gender discrimination is a form of sexual discrimination resulting from presumed opinions that are neither proven nor rooted in empirical, factual basis.
Sexual Orientation is defined as the nature, particularity, and tendency of the sexual attraction latent in an individual or group. Although an ongoing debate exists with regard to the hereditary qualities of the development of sexual orientation, the persecution and discrimination of individuals resulting from their respective sexual orientation continues to exist.

Types of Sexual Discrimination
A wide variety of Sexual Discrimination can take place within the vast expanse of social settings in tandem with the broadness of the public sector. The following are some examples of Sexual Discrimination:
Hate Crimes: These types of crimes are typically committed as a response to personal bias and prejudice with regard to any or all definable traits or qualities latent within an individual or entity. Hate Crimes taking place as a result of Sexual Discrimination can range from the destruction of personal property to the physical assault of an individual or group.
The Glass Closet: A term that is commonly attributed to Sexual Discrimination that exists in a place of employment in which an individual is denied employment advancement or opportunities as a result of sexual orientation.